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The Breastfeeding Tea Co - Collagen Lactation Hot Chocolate - 230g (10 serves)

A premium blend of high-quality, colic-friendly and nourishing ingredients for breastfeeding & pumping mothers to boost their supply naturally. In an Australian first,  included is the added benefits of bioactive collagen peptides to help nourish, and repair you postpartum. 

Dairy Free and Soy Free
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding safe
Naturally boosts energy
All Natural ingredients
Refined sugar-free
Contains ethically sourced bioactive collagen peptides
Fenugreek free
Colic Friendly
Hand blended

Australian Owned and Made
Naturopath Formulated

Australia's first Lactation Hot Chocolate with nourishing collagen peptides to support hair, skin and bones. May support stretch mark prevention, skin hydration and elasticity, bones strength, postpartum tissue repair, wound healing and postpartum hair loss. Collagen is the most abundant structural protein that makes up the framework of your cells and tissue. It is the protein that correlates to skin plumpness, and joint, bone and muscle health, all of which are affected throughout pregnancy and into postpartum. It also plays an important role in recovery and gut health; again both are affected by late-stage pregnancy and postpartum recovery. 

The Breastfeeding Tea Co proudly source their collagen from the most reputable, sustainable and ethical manufacturer in the world.

Can be consumed during pregnancy and after birth. 

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