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Smith & Co Candle 250g - Black Oud & Saffron

Reveal the rich and compelling boldness of spiced woody notes with the intoxicating and nostalgic nuances of rich florals. A relatable but ever-changing aroma composed of antique oud wood and bitter oranges entwined with a sophisticated heart of rose blooms. Deepened with a harmonic base of delicate woods, sweet patchouli and warm liquid vanilla.

Size: 250g

Burn time: 45 hours

Get the most from your candle Before every use — trim your wick to 5mm to ensure a clean, efficient flame and to prevent soot. 

First burn — keep alight for two to three hours to create a wide, even wax pool & prevent tunnelling. 

Subsequent burns — do not burn for more than three to four hours at a time for safety and to get better performance from your candle. 

Last Burn — discontinue use when approx. 10mm of wax remains in the bottom of the glass vessel.

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