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The Breastfeeding Tea Co - Pregnancy Tea - Pyramid Tea Bags - 20 Serves


Raspberry Leaf tea is the Pregnancy super tea, it is traditionally is known to


Strengthen and tone the uterus, to assist with more efficient contractions

Support breastmilk production

Reduce water retention

Assist with post birth recovery

Contains vitamins including vitamin B complex, calcium, iron and magnesium.

We have blended Raspberry leaf with additional beneficial herbs to help promote calm, relaxation and sleep in 3rd Trimester. 


Can be consumed from 32 weeks, and used with Lactation Cookies to support Antenatal Expressing (  also available in our Pregnancy Pack  ) 


Suggestion Servings:


recommended starting with one cup per day, gradually increasing to three.


32 weeks: 1 cup per day


34 weeks: 2 cups a day


36 weeks: Up to 3 cups a day


After birth, you can also continue to consume Pregnancy Tea to help postpartum recovery.