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Kollab - Mini Cooler Botswana

Mini but multi-functional, up your lunch game with a bag that fits a full-size drink bottle alongside your lunch for the day. Alternatively, pack up all the kids snacks and bottles in the one handy bag as you head out for the day or simply fill with a six pack of your favourite craft beer to share an afternoon beverage with a friend.   

Partly made from recycled plastic bottles
Long shoulder strap keeps your hands free 
Deep front zip pocked secures your keys or phone 
Premium insulation keeps food and drinks cool for longer 
Fits six pack of 330ml long neck bottles 
Lightweight so it’s easy to fill & transport 
Size: L 23cm x W 23cm x H 24cm 

With a romantic watercolour print in black, blue, and gold set against a pastel pink backdrop, this striking and unique design is sure to make a bold statement on both the beach and in the park.