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HeyDoodle Reusable Mat - ShapeShifters (Draw)

Introduce the basic shapes in a fun way! Each shape corresponds to an animal. Practice tracing in the dotted lines, or even create your own animals around them! This drawing mat makes a fun and unique gift for kids. Lightweight and flexible, these silicone mats are so easy to fold and unfold, making them a breeze to pack up and take wherever you go. Washable, wipeable and REUSABLE! The beauty of this product is its ability to be cleaned and refreshed simply by using a damp cloth or by washing with soap and water! Each mat features an element of colour, trace and seek to make it both fun and educational!

Recommended for ages 3+ under adult supervision.

Pack includes 1 HeyDoodle Mat, 9 HeyDoodle Markers and a travel pouch. We strongly recommend only using HeyDoodle markers to ensure the longevity of the mats. This silicone placemat is free from harmful chemicals or substances, is non-toxic and guaranteed safe for little ones.


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